Trees and Retail: Growing Together

Tree lined sidewalk with store fronts

Trees and Retail

“Green Retailing” is all the rage in the marketing world and nothing says “green” like a tree. Trees mean clean air and water, lower energy bills and higher property values, all in one convenient package. And trees mean “green” in more ways than one. Studies have found that tree-lined retail districts encourage more frequent visits, more time spent shopping and more spending by consumers (Journal of Forestry, 2005). MillionTreesNYC can help merchants harness the power of trees to improve the look and appeal of their stores and shopping districts.

Growing Together

  • Trees in commercial settings are attractive to shoppers.
  • Flowers are beautiful additions to a tree bed that can distinguish your store or business district and enhance the shopping experience.
  • Planting trees is a clear, green message to your customers, many of whom are drawn to businesses that give back to their community and are environmentally responsible.
  • Caring for trees taps into the public’s growing commitment to sustainability and the environment.
  • Shoppers give higher customer service ratings in districts with trees (Center for Urban Horticulture, 1998).

Tree lined sidewalk with store fronts

Join the Green Team

  • Play a leading role in supporting the health and vitality of your trees.
  • Schedule a comprehensive “green block” consultation for your business improvement district or merchants association by emailing
  • Enlist in our Stewardship Corps and proudly display the “We Grow Together” decal to let your customers know you support MillionTreesNYC.
  • Help spread the word. Download our Trees and Retail brochure and give to your fellow business owners.

Find more information on how trees benefit our city and its businesses by consulting the New York City Municipal Forest Resource Analysis report, and the United States Department of Agriculture's Assessing Urban Forest Effects and Values report.