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Welcome to Scouts for MillionTreesNYC, a program for New York City Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of all ages. Scouts for MillionTreesNYC offers educational activities, free trees for planting, and opportunities to care for trees. Together the thousands of Scouts in New York City can make a huge difference to the urban forest and our city communities!

Scouts can earn three patches: (1) the Participation Patch, (2) the Plant Trees Patch, and (3) the Tree Care Patch. They will also meet many of the requirements toward achieving badges and other community service awards.

Participation Patch

Scouts for MillionTreesNYC

The Scouts for MillionTreesNYC Activity Guide provides six hands-on activities for scouts and troop leaders to learn about trees and New York City's urban forest. Scouts earn the Participation Patch with completion of 2-3 of the activities.


Plant Trees Patch

Plant a Tree Badge

MillionTreesNYC is offering free trees to any New York City scout troop.  Planting and caring for trees is important to keep our city beautiful and healthy. Scouts can get trees to plant for the Plant Trees Patch by attending a Scouts for MillionTreesNYC Tree Giveaway or any other MillionTreesNYC Tree Giveaway.  Scouts can also buy their own tree at a nursery or garden center in New York City.

View the current list of Fall 2010 tree giveaways!
View a list of nurseries and garden centers in New York City (PDF, 18KB)!

Individual scouts can also volunteer during one of our volunteer planting events! Please visit our tree planting event page for information about the excellent ways in which scouts can gain hands-on planting experience before they plant their own trees.  Please note that participation in volunteer tree planting events do not qualify scouts for the Plant Trees Patch. 

Tree Care Patch

Tree Care Badge

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts can adopt and care for their own New York City tree. Scouts earn the Tree Care Patch by completing the Adopt-A-Tree activity in the Activity Guide. This guide will be available for download soon!

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Before selecting programs from the Activity Guide, read the Quick Start and Scout Survey.

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Scouts for MillionTreesNYC is a program of New York Restoration Project, and underwritten by The Home Depot Foundation.