Million trees nyc community grant program presented by the home depot foundation

Program Overview and Objective

Presented through the generous support of The Home Depot Foundation, and managed by NYRP, the MillionTreesNYC Community Grant Program is designed to advance the MillionTreesNYC goal of providing for the long-term care and maintenance of New York City trees. The MillionTreesNYC Community Grant Program will fund organizations with new or existing programming that meets this critical need.


In 2010, The Home Depot Foundation will provide a limited number of grants to support tree care and maintenance initiatives. Program funds may also be used to develop education and community outreach campaigns informing New Yorkers about the following: the MillionTreesNYC initiative, the need to get involved in tree planting and maintenance, and opportunities for community engagement. Applicants must be able to demonstrate support of the constituents that the proposed program is intended to reach. In order to qualify for funding, applicants must have either 501(c)3 status or a fiscal conduit with 501(c)3 status and operate within New York City’s five boroughs. Funds must be expended within one year of distribution.

Guidelines for Application Preparation

All support materials must be clearly labeled, typed in Times New Roman or Arial font, and affixed to the application.

Please explain the components of the project to which the grant funding will be applied, and give details of any other funding that is in place to support the entire scope of the project.

Images: Do not send discs or videos. If images are essential, send print photographs only.

The deadline for the 2010 Home Depot Community Grant has passed. Please check back for information on future granting opportunities.

Applications must be mailed to:
MillionTreesNYC Community Grant Program
c/o New York Restoration Project
254 W. 31st Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Download PDF Application for Mailing

Presented by:
The Home Depot Foundation