Tree Planting and Care 101: Tree Selection Guidelines

After you have surveyed where you want your tree to be placed, filled out the placement checklist, and picked the type or size of tree that you want to plant you can then decide the tree species that is right for you.  Bring your placement checklist to a nursery or garden center and ask a professional to help recommend a couple of tree species that would be appropriate for your site. 

The following PDF download is a list of questions that will be helpful in narrowing down your tree species. Print it and bring it with you on your trip to purchase your tree and note responses in the given spaces. Ask if the nursery or garden center guarantees its plant material.


Source: State of New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, State Forester's Office, Division of Forests and Lands, and the US Forest Service:   Planting Trees in Designed and Built Community Landscapes.