Volunteer Care and Planting Events

Every planting season, MillionTreesNYC engages enthusiastic, energetic, and environmentally–minded New Yorkers in volunteer tree planting and care activities in and around city parks.

group of young girls posing with a new tree

Join us to help plant new forest trees in natural areas of parks!

Participate during one of our forest tree planting and care events in natural areas of parks!

MillionTreesNYC will be hosting several small-scale tree planting events as well as a large-scale forest restoration day during the fall. Stay tuned for further details!

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reforestation tree care

Thanks a MILLION to the more than 500 volunteers who helped care for thousands of young forest trees in natural areas of parks on Saturday, April 26!

With over 834,000 trees planted to date, we are well on our way to meeting the goal of planting one million trees almost two years ahead of schedule. But planting is just the first step in enhancing and preserving New York City's urban forest. Tree care and stewardship are the next critical steps to ensuring the survival of our urban forest. This spring's MillionTreesNYC forest restoration day focused on stewardship and caring for young forests that have already been planted. During the event on Saturday, April 26, over 500 volunteers helped care for several thousand young forest trees in parks across the city!

In this endeavor, MillionTreesNYC and NYC Parks are joined by the Natural Areas Conservancy, a non-profit organization that was formed to restore and preserve the natural areas of New York City, including forests and wetlands, to enhance the lives of all New Yorkers.

Natural Areas Volunteers tree care

Natural Areas Volunteers Events

Natural Areas Volunteers (NAV) supports the restoration and protection of natural areas through volunteerism and training. Volunteers help to make sure the reforestation trees planted during MillionTreesNYC events continue to thrive and grow into healthy new forests.


Learn more about our city's reforestation initiative. And don’t forget that planting is only the first step in keeping our urban forests healthy and strong. For information about participating in tree care for reforested areas or street trees, visit our Care page or events calendar page.

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