Register Your Tree

Thank you for planting a tree and making New York City a greener place to live. Make sure that your tree(s) are counted and contribute to our goal.

Here are a few things to remember before registering your tree:

Register Your Tree

  • MillionTreesNYC will only be counting trees that are the size of a 2 gallon container and are 2-3 feet tall.
  • Trees planted in planter boxes, shrubs and seedlings are not counted.
  • Street and park trees will be counted by the Parks Department.
  • If you participated in a volunteer tree-planting activity, ask the volunteer coordinator to register your trees as an organization to ensure that the trees are not counted twice.
  • If you received your tree at one of our giveaways, and you filled out a Tree Adoption form, then your trees have already been counted.

If you are representing an organization which has planted ten or more trees, please report all plantings by downloading our tree count submission template (XML file), filling out the necessary information for the various fields included, and sending the completed form to [email protected].

Any questions regarding reporting of trees to MillionTreesNYC may be directed to [email protected]


*Items marked with an asterisk are required.

Part 1 - Where was the tree planted? (Not your address)

Note: If you are reporting tree plantings at multiple locations or properties register each location or property separately

*When Did You Plant? 
Property Name
*Zip Code
*Property Type 

Part 2 - About the Planter

*Planted By 
Organization or Affiliate Name

Part 3 - About Your Tree

Please answer the questions below for each tree species you planted. If you planted multiple species at this property please click the add additional species button below.

Part 4 - About You

*First Name
Middle Name
*Last Name
Organization Name
*Address (include street #)
*Zip Code
Home Phone
Work Phone
Mobile Phone
Yes, I would like to receive the MillionTrees e-newsletter

How Did You Hear About MillionTreesNYC?
Please check all that apply

Subway Platform Poster Interior Subway Car Ad
Bus Shelter Ad Interior Bus Ad
Newspaper Advertisement Newspaper Article
Radio AdvertisementRadio News
NYC Parks Department website New York Restoration Project (NYRP) website
Other website Television
311 message Email from friend or organization
Word of Mouth Stumbled on Website
Other, please specify:  

Why Did You Plant A Tree(s)?

Check all those which apply:
In honor/memory of...
Replace a tree
Part of new landscaping
Beautify the neighborhood
Enhance business district
School project
Community/volunteer project
Energy conservation
Enhance property value
Improve the environment
Fight global warming
Clean the air
Provide shade
Improve water quality/capture storm runoff
Create place for relaxation/peace
Create a space for children
Create a safe space

If you are interested in learning more about taking care of your tree visit our Care page.