Getting to a Million Trees: Community and Private Sector Tree Planting Strategy

To complement the City's expanded street and park tree planting program, New York Restoration Project (NYRP) and non-profit partners will engage a community-based tree planting strategy and private funding campaign.  In each targeted neighborhood, the Parks Department and NYRP will begin by working with urban forestry data and community partners to identify tree planting opportunities on public and private properties.

Role of Private and Philanthropic Support
As the Parks Department begins planting street trees, NYRP and other non-profit partners will use donations to plant trees on public lands such as schoolyards, public housing campuses, libraries, community health centers, and senior centers.  To ensure these public trees are properly cared for, the Parks Department and NYRP will partner with community groups and block associations to oversee stewardship of the newly planted trees.

Developer Outreach
NYRP will meet with commercial and residential developers, architects, and landscape designers to set specific tree planting goals for each development.  NYRP will also encourage large landowners and business improvement districts to develop long-term greening plans.

The Department of City Planning has recently proposed regulations that require planting of street trees connected with any new development, major enlargements, or conversions throughout all residential and commercial areas within the City.  Find out more information on the Department of City Planning’s Street Planting Text AmendmentRead the press release from the Department of City Planning.

Homeowner Outreach
The Parks Department and NYRP will introduce public education campaigns that highlight the economic and health benefits associated with trees.  Neighborhood residents will be invited to participate in tree planting workshops, join community-based stewardship networks, participate in volunteer tree planting days, and most importantly register their newly planted trees online.

As a result of this new comprehensive tree planting approach, neighborhoods throughout New York City will see their streets, parks and public spaces, business districts and front yards transformed into beautiful green landscapes-providing New York City families with the positive benefits associated with urban trees.