Getting to a Million Trees

Getting to a million of anything seems daunting, but if anyone can plant a million trees, it’s New Yorkers! It will take a lot of hard work - and a lot of outdoor fun - but we plan to achieve this goal in the next decade. The City will plant 60% of trees along streets, in parks, and in other public spaces. The other 40% will come from homeowners, the business community, and non-profit organizations.

So where will New Yorkers plant one million new trees?

Community Gardens New Commericial & Residential Developments Co-ops and Condos Single Family Homes Business Districts Parks Public Housing Campuses Large Landowners: University Campuses Public Schoolyards Greenstreets Large Landowners: Churches Health Care Public Libraries Rental Buildings

Please note that trees must be planted in the ground and use of free-standing planters is not encouraged.

Learn more about the City’s tree planting commitment

Learn more about community and private sector tree planting strategy

Here’s Where You Get Involved

For MillionTreesNYC to succeed, all New Yorkers must get involved, whether planting trees in residential yards, participating in volunteer group plantings in parks and other open spaces, or participating in tree pruning, education, and advocacy programs.

Learn about ways to get involved

Tell us about a tree planting opportunity in your neighborhood

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