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With a million trees there comes a million stories of how each tree was planted and is being cared for.  Share your story of how you participated in a volunteer day, planted a tree to celebrate a special occasion, or how you organized a community group to care for a newly planted grove of trees.  Tell us your story today and let it inspire others to dig in and get involved with MillionTreesNYC. This is your City. These are your trees.

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A while back, you sent me instructions on how to build a fence around the new sidewalk tree. However, in the meantime I found my own solution and sending you a picture of it. It cost 80 Dollars or 5 Dollars per concrete "flower".The tree planters had left more soil around my tree than around most other new trees on my block. Great! It seems that mounds are more likely to prevent people from stepping into the tree soil. Also, the white concrete flowers give the people using the side walk more space and also allow rain water to get through the slabs into the soil.

— Margrit, Brooklyn

Hi, my name is Mr. Brea and I am a 5th grade Bilingual teacher at P.S. 257 in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. My class participated this school year in the RespecTree program. I must say that every time my students heard that the instructors were coming, it was like announcing an ice cream party! Many years ago I planted a tree in my elementary school for Earth Day, and that tree grew the same way I grew up. Whenever I travel to the site I see it, big and proud. My students have learned not only about the importance of taking care of our environment, but about taking care of their neighborhood. Thank You!

— Mr. Brea, Brooklyn

Yesterday, I helped to plant 2 trees – my first ever! My boyfriend’s grandmother lives in Rego Park, Queens. Last fall, a tornado blew through the alleyway just beyond her backyard, taking out the forest between her property and a large apartment complex about 4 blocks away – destroying the forest view that she’s had for 40 years there. I told her about NYRP’s tree giveaways that were happening in Queens and she went with her friend and picked out a fast-growing plum. We planted it for her yesterday!

— Sarah F., Manhattan

I was a group of seven family members which included my four kids, nephew, and my sister-in-law, we traveled all the way to Marine Park to volunteer, this was a remarkable experience for the kids to give back to their community and help the environment. It was such a beautiful experience the kids had an amazing time, digging, planting, and caring for the trees, they would do it again.

— Angie, Manhattan

On Saturday, October 23, 2010, KPMG traveled to Brooklyn’s Marine Park and helped to plant over 20,000 trees with other volunteers. Our team was excited to learn how to properly plant trees and identify different species of trees. KPMG is proud to help make a difference to New York City.

— Jessica D. and KPMG volunteers

We planted this tree in the fall of '08, right before its leaves fell off. In the mid winter National Grid was replacing gas lines on our block and snapped the tree in half. the bottom half still looked good but it was splitting down the trunk. We tied the slip up and waited till spring to see if the tree survived. It’s now been a full year and the split has healed and the tree is very healthy.

— Nick R.
Staten Island

I am the Head Teacher of a class of four year olds at Riverdale Presbyterian Nursery School, located in the Bronx, New York. On Sept. 17, 2009, the children in my class discovered acorns which had sprouted roots in our sandbox. They were intrigued with their findings. We decided to plant them in our classroom. We kept them in clear containers in sand and soil, noting the growth of the roots in the ones planted in the sand. We were extremely excited when "baby oak trees" began to grow. We have officially made them class members, water them weekly and monitor their growth. The children are determined to transplant their saplings outside in the Spring.

— Jane K.

A lifetime of apples... literally.
Our newly planted appled tree will one day provide us with fresh ripe apples. Until then our 3 year old Yellow Lab, Duke, is acting as the tree's guard dog.

— Michelle Gandhi.

This is Lila, my purple leaf plum tree, which you planted outside my house on Passover:

Your site said Lila would very much like to have tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc., planted with her. So, unable to find some Salome daffodils, I used pale pink/buttercup yellow striped tulips, some creamy buttercup yellow ones and the yellow daffodils with the Sunkist orange pistils. Lila is very happy, the neighbors popped out of their houses both times I planted, another neighbor ordered trees for every empty tree pit on the block, and my next door neighbor dug up the ratty bricks in her pit and is decorating it. Plus, the long stems have deterred the neighborhood Boston bull terrier from continuing to use my tree pit as a toilet. Lila has inspired more greening of New York - and we all thank you!

— Claudia.

I am one of the gardeners at the Dunbar Apartments, which have been widely recognized as one of the great jewels of Old Harlem. Over the years, some of the old trees died and much of the old landscaping was removed and discarded as the previous landlords ceased to provide garden services.

A group of residents who stayed through the hard times took it upon themselves to clean up the gardens, preserve and plant what they could on limited resources; new residents have enthusiastically joined in. We received oaks, a tulip tree, maackias and a sweet gum from the recent MillionTreesNYC tree giveaway, sponsored by American Express. We look forward to greener days ahead!

— Ramona P.

My name is Jeremy and I am six years old. I wanted to sell lemonade and cookies, but I wanted to do something to help others. I decided to raise money for two organizations that I really like: MillionTreesNYC and The Doe Fund. My mom and I baked lots of cookies and I went out early. It was warm and people were buying drinks and cookies almost faster than I could pour. The rain put a damper on things, but I was able to send each charity $50.00. I hope to be able to do more later this summer.

— Jeremy Z.

June S. and family pose around a tree

Our family has a new family member—our first grandchild. In honor of the birth of Jacob Henry Zimmerman, we planted a tree in our front yard last week. In fact, we were hoping to plant a dogwood, and then found out about the million trees program. There was our dogwood, waiting to be adopted and planted! Here is a picture of our family around it with the new baby. Thank you, MillionTreesNYC project, for helping us to celebrate this new life with a new tree!

— June S.

Sondah O. plants a tree

I was the site captain for Buhre Ave./Pelham Bay and was the first volunteer on site. As everyone started working the sun shone, and it turned out to be a beautiful day. One of the most memorable moments of the day was when an elderly woman from the neighborhood walked up to us and thanked us for giving up our Saturday to do something so nice. Reenergized, we dug in to make sure all projects for the day were completed to add to the exceptional feeling we were already having.

— Sondah O.

Group plants a tree

My experience planting was fun. Sure, I had to work hard but it was okay. It helps the environment and I enjoy doing my part. I also liked planting in groups and my group got to help plant a new tree. It was all fun. A lot of people who were helping were at the park. There were radio stations, prizes, almost everything. First I help a community or environment then they repay us back by giving us lunch. It wasn't what I expected. It was even better. All I can say is that I had a great time and enjoyed helping.

— Jesus H.

Raquel and friend plant trees

I had a great time on Earth Day. It was great that we helped save our neighborhood by planting, and it was also fun. It is good that we supported and saved our community. I learned many things and I experienced so much by being there. I met new people and friends, I got photographed and helped others, and I learned that where I live is one of the most polluted places out of all boroughs. Fortunately we can help save it-and that's what I did. I had a great time.

— Raquel C.

Valerie B.  plants a tree

Planting the tree was a great opportunity. It was a great moment that I never thought would happen. The moment of planting that tree was so exciting . It was like giving back to the world by planting that tree. While planting the tree I learned new things that I never knew before. For example I never knew all the things you had to have to plant a tree. It has to have a lot of important things such as sunlight and different kinds of nutrients. I really enjoyed planting that tree and really would like to do it again. I never would have had got to do this if it wasn't for Parks and the Million Tree Planting Program.

— Valerie B.

An Arbor Day celebration

On a glorious April day, students from neighboring Public School 56 were invited to Forest Park for an early Arbor Day celebration. These fifth graders enjoyed a morning of activities led by the Forest Park staff and Urban Park Rangers which included games teaching them about the importance of trees, what they do for us, and how trees work. Park Rangers Jeff Billick and Andrew DiSalvo led the students on a tree tour in the forest. The morning culminated with ceremonial Oak tree plantings in a newly forested section recently created as part of the MillionTreesNYC initiative.

— Josephine S.

PS 132  Students present tree-inspired artwork

By planting one of the million trees, our class honored author Betty Smith and celebrated her contribution to our city, the novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. And at the same time, through this initiative and with the colorful tree-drawings that students donated to the Brooklyn Public Library, we celebrated the students and their many contributions to our Brooklyn community and the vibrant legacy of our city. This is just one of so many trees that will grow in Brooklyn!

— P.S. 132

Commissioner Benepe  and other officials plant tree outside library.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a literary masterpiece and there is no better way to honor the author, Betty Smith, then by planting a tree right outside of the Leonard Library Branch that appears in the book. It is appropriate that her beloved library be part of Mayor Bloomberg's Million Trees Initiative, as streets, parks, backyards and campuses of New York City are populated with one million new trees over the next decade.

— Adrian Benepe
Parks Commissioner

Xiomara with her tree.

Xiomara, a resident of upper Manhattan, constructed a wonderful custom-made tree guard for the tree on her block. Along with other members of her community, she diligently waters and cares for the newly installed trees on Post Avenue.

— Xiomara F.
Parks Commissioner

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