MulchFest Volunteering



MulchFest is an annual event held by the Department of Parks & Recreation that provides New Yorkers with the opportunity to bring their holiday trees to be recycled at designated sites across the five boroughs. At these sites we use “chipping machines” to turn dead trees into mulch. The mulch can then be placed in tree pits and horticultural areas to help conserve warmth and soil moisture throughout the winter. Mulch also helps inhibit the growth of weeds. Parks encourages New Yorkers to help the environment and their community by participating in this event and taking home some mulch for use on trees in their community!

For more information, visit the Parks Department's Mulchfest page.

Every year, the Parks GreenTeam and MillionTreesNYC seek Education Volunteers to help out at MulchFest, the Parks Department’s annual holiday-tree recycling event. Volunteers assist at mulching sites in flagship parks across the city and teach New Yorkers about the importance of tree care during the winter. It's also a great opportunity to pick up some mulch for use on the trees on your block! MulchFest Education Volunteers:

  • Teach event visitors about the environmental benefits of mulching;
  • Help bag mulch for park patrons to take home with them;
  • Promote the MillionTreesNYC Stewardship Program.

More About MillionTreesNYC and Stewardship!

Since 2007, MillionTreesNYC has planted over 60,000 street trees throughout the five boroughs. Residents, community organizations, and civic-minded New Yorkers are essential to maintaining this new urban forest as well as caring for existing street trees. The MillionTreesNYC Stewardship Corps was created to establish a network of volunteer stewards dedicated to caring for trees by performing tasks such as watering, weeding, and MULCHING. Interested individuals can visit MillionTreesNYC to adopt a newly planted tree in their neighborhood and find out about one of free tree care workshops. Mulchfest is a great opportunity to get New Yorkers interested in Stewardship because mulching is one of the easiest, most beneficial steps of tree care, preventing water loss, insulating the soil, discouraging weed growth, and limiting the harmful effects of the salt used to clear ice and snow.