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Mini-Grant recipients planting in a tree bed

MillionTreesNYC provides Mini-Grants to empower committed community groups to organize and strengthen street tree stewardship efforts in their neighborhoods. Since 2012, MillionTreesNYC has offered grants to support self-initiated volunteer-based street tree care work. Each spring a number of qualified local organizations is awarded capacity-building funding toward tree care.


Congratulations to our 2015 Mini-Grant Award Winners!


The 27 Street Block Association, Greenwood Heights
The 27 Street Block Association is on a campaign to build tree guards around all of their 24 trees to safe guard them, improve the appearance of their block as a whole, and provide the opportunity to plant flowers in the tree beds which will be safe from busy human and truck traffic. They are also stewarding their trees through aerating compacted soil and adding compost and mulch. (Received $1,000)
Learn more about The 27 Street Block Association

Evergreen Middle School, Bushwick
The students and staff of Evergreen Middle School's Green Team will plant native pollinators, will weed, and mulch beds for approximately 25 trees in the Bushwick neighborhood. They will conduct community outreach on the benefits of trees as well as effective tree care. (Received $1,000)
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Brooklyn Arbor, Williamsburg
Brooklyn Arbor would like to use the volunteer day, in kind grant donations and funds to beautify ALL the street trees surrounding the school. In an effort to keep the tree beds healthy, they would like to build structures around them to keep them free of trash, waste and foot traffic. Brooklyn Arbor will be surrounded by beautiful trees, guards and a healthy environment. (Received $795)
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UncommonGoods, Sunset Park
UncommonGoods is excited to use the Mini-Grant funds to help beautify the areas surrounding their headquarters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. They plan to host a community volunteer day to coincide with Mandela Day, a global movement to honor Mandela’s work and act to change the world for the better. (Received $995)
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East NY Farms, East New York
East NY Farms is excited to support their first Brownsville based event by galvanizing community energy to care for 20 street trees through The Brownsville East NY Gardener Initiative (BENGI). (Received $910)
Learn more about East NY Farms

Java Street Garden, Greenpoint
At their Annual Fall Harvest Event, Java Street Garden will organize teams of volunteers and community participants to pick up litter in neighborhood tree beds, plant bulbs and spread mulch. They will work together, embracing their roles as stewards of green spaces throughout their neighborhood. (Received $1,000)
Learn more about Java Street Garden


Friends of Astoria Heights Park, Astoria Heights
Friends of Astoria Heights Park will install four tree guards along 46th street in Astoria, Queens. Volunteers from the community and three local schools will also attend a tree-care workshop and care for twenty tree beds on the streets surrounding Astoria Heights Park. (Received $1,000)
Learn more about Friends of Astoria Heights Park

The Mary Louis Academy Service Homerooms, Jamaica Estates
With the Mini-Grant, The Service Homeroom Program at The Mary Louis Academy will provide care for the newly, and not-so-newly, planted trees in the neighborhood immediately surrounding their beautiful campus in Jamaica Estates. They are looking forward to cleaning up tree beds, planting flowers, and raising awareness as to the importance of caring for and protecting their trees. (Received $780)
Learn more about The Mary Louis Academy


Friends of Elizabeth Street Garden, Little Italy
Friends of Elizabeth Street Garden will organize cleanup and mulching of all the street trees on the blocks surrounding the Garden — 151 diverse trees in total, so that these trees will be healthier and their tree beds will better retain storm water. Garden volunteers aim to educate residents, building owners and local businesses about the importance of neighborhood street trees and inspire the community to help care for them. (Received $1,000)
Learn more about Friends of Elizabeth Street Garden


Bronx Park East Community Association, Pelham Parkway Bronx Park East Community Association (BPECA) will use the Mini-Grant project funds to repair and maintain their 30+ tree guards in the Allerton and Pelham Parkway community. They will re-paint and repair the wooden guards, as well as replace their "Curb Your Dog" signs, in order to continue and strengthen their 3-year+ stewardship efforts. (Received $1,000)
Learn more about Bronx Park East Community Association


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