About MillionTreesNYC : NYC Parks Planting Strategy

 NYC Parks

The Parks Department is the historic caretaker of New York City’s public trees, and in partnership with the New York Restoration Project is leading the MillionTreesNYC initiative - one part of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC to make our City greener and more sustainable by the year 2030. With 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities, and a total of 29,000 acres of parkland under its care, the Parks Department is responsible for greening and maintaining the City’s public open spaces.

The Parks Department’s Street Tree Planting Program

With the new PlaNYC funding, the Parks Department works steadily to plant 220,000 new street trees in various ways. Learn more about planting on the public right-of-way:

New Forest Creation and Restoration

Nearly 40 percent of New York City’s parkland - approximately 11,000 acres - is still natural. This includes rocky shorelines and beaches, wetlands, meadows, and forests, which currently account for 6,000 acres of the total parkland. PlaNYC will provide funding to plant an additional 2,000 parkland acres of forest by 2017. Learn more about planting in natural areas of parks: